Monday, February 25, 2013

The Unsurpassed Technology to Get Virtually Extended

An organization that runs in the recent times needs more telephone line thus giving their employees enough access and enabling better customer service structure. Installing a large number of telephone lines is indeed expensive and would hit the organization’s balance sheet. In fact calling cost would go higher thus asking for an entire shut down of the organization. To solve the issue on hand VoIP services came up with a technology called DID (Direct In-ward Dialing). With this service you can get as many extensions as you want using just one telephone service and a PBX hardware. In fact with DIDs you do not need any hard wiring done either as these extensions are virtual.

When purchasing DID numbers for a big organization one should ideally go for the wholesale DIDs structure. With this the organization can avail as many DIDs as they want at a very economic rate thus giving them enough budget for other things. The DID system works in a very systematic manner. A PBX device, a hardware structure, is placed wherein all the signals are allowed to come. This PBX device would be the first to receive a calling signal. It would decode the number and transfer the call to the registered extension desk. With Wholesale DIDs you can avail unlimited number of extensions. In all these extensions the last three digits would be different based on which the PBX would transfer the call to the required desk.

Wholesale DIDs structure also releases all the geographical boundaries by availing a local number facility for those who stay abroad. If a person lives in US and needs to make calls from Africa the person needs to get a DID for Africa and start making calls. Virtual extensions are not only void of geographical boundaries but also very inexpensive.

Monday, February 4, 2013

International Calls Made Local with Local Access Number

A few years back any communication overseas relied completely on postal department. Of course there were phones and a system where you could make international calls but all of that was very expensive and it was mostly for emergencies. Then came the internet and people started chatting on the messengers and the distance grew shorter. But there was a need for something that could go mobile so that people could stay connected globally wherever they are. Local Access Numbers is a fulfilment of that need in the market.

It is nothing but a number that gives you access to a local prepaid calling card. They are not toll free numbers but what they do is gives you access to the country or state you are trying to call. If you have an unlimited scheme your calls within these countries would be free. So basically instead of paying real high prices to make an international call using your telephone or mobile subscriber you can now use this facility and get connected internationally inexpensively.

How do they work?
The process to get started with your local access number is the easiest in this world. All you need to do is go to the settings page of your service provider and set your mobile/landline phone number. Make sure you save the number via which you are going to make most of your calls. Once you are done with this select the country you wish to call and the local access number for that country from your home. Now wait for some time while the voice prompt assists you. When they say you can dial the number go ahead and dial the number you want to call. Remember to use the international format as in the code plus the number when you wish to make a call. The voice prompt will also tell you the rate of the call you are making so you can calculate and know what your call rate is going to be. You can also dial your access number, add some pause by including a p 3 times or something similar and then finally add your international call number. This way your international call is made seamlessly!

The Benefits
The best benefit that you achieve with a local access number is that you can make unlimited local and international calls using this virtual number for free. This is just an access card to your country of choice and you enjoy the benefits of this access card. Secondly you get a hassle-free connection to the international call you desire to make using this number. You are connected globally all the while with your mobile and this number. The customer service that helps you with your access number is also active all the while so you can relax in case you face any trouble.
So you are now accessible globally with your local access card! Calling and staying connected is made more fun with this card in hand.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Virtual Numbers- A Brief Introduction

What is Virtual Number?
The Virtual Numbers are the follow-me numbers. These are also called the personal numbers sometimes. These numbers are used by the telephone companies or any business company expecting the calls from the customers. There are international Virtual numbers with some companies that make them appear native to the users. For instance any company in India may have its virtual numbers in UK or USA which when called on will make users appear as if calling to a local number in UK or USA. Various companies take up these Virtual Numbers to save on their costs as otherwise these companies might have to make heavy payments for a fixed foreign exchange telephone lines. These Virtual Numbers can be set to forward all the voice calls to a pre fixed mobile, VoIP, or any other fixed landline number or numbers according to the customer’s ease.

How do the Virtual numbers work?

The virtual numbers forward the calls to a pre specified number that can be any number. So the people calling on the virtual phone numbers do not have to pay extra for long distance or international calls.But they enjoy the same calling experience even while making calls to the different time zones (sometimes). These numbers also let you add extra telephone numbers to the phone line that you have which takes away the restriction that you had before of only being able to have one per line.They are useful for saving on long-distance charges and roaming charges, and offer security if you wish to hide your personal number.

Who can take up the services of Virtual Numbers? 

The virtual numbers can be bought by anyone be it an individual travelling to other country and wanting to be in touch with friends ,family members back home or company providing services to its customers. In general this service of Virtual Numbers can be taken up by anyone looking to expand the business over a region. The service can be taken by any company provided it is available in the country of interest. For instance if a business owner is looking to buy the virtual number in US, first thing that should be checked is the availability of the Virtual number for US. These numbers however can be taken up by any call center, call shop, business enterprise, carriers, resellers or any VoIP service provider. Also helps like technical support of the service provider should be considered before buying the Virtual Numbers.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Benefits Of Using Cheap SMS

The cheap SMS services can be obtained from various service providers dealing in wholesale of bulk SMS services and other VoIP services. The cheap SMS service as the name indicates is meant to be used for saving huge costs on the SMS deliveries. The cheap SMS service can be used by anyone looking to forward a lot of SMSs to different people. Basically this service is not meant for individuals only but can also be used by the big organizations.

The advantages of using cheap SMS service:
As the name itself clarifies the cheap SMS service is meant to cut a lot on the expenses of delivering the SMS to the customers or individuals of the company. The organization will not only save money on the SMS deliveries but will also make the system fast. As it relatively takes lesser time to forward the SMS to large number of people at the same time through this cheap SMS service.
Apart from this using this service saves a lot of work as the job is done in as much as a single click of mouse and the recipients’ inboxes are flooded with the SMS.
The different organizations that are constantly dealing with different customers and services all over the world can be benefited by using this service. Especially the organizations like small business enterprises, call shops, call centres, carriers, resellers, telecom companies, VoIP providers etc. can take up the services of the wholesalers dealing in providing the cheap SMS in bulk.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bulk SMS- Easy way To Reach Out

What is Bulk SMS?
The bulk SMS is the service by which a telephone company can send huge number of SMS to the customers simultaneously. The bulk SMS is a service that any business enterprise can take up. Generally it is used by various organizations to inform people about the latest services that they has to offer the customers.

Who can use these services ?
These services can be used by any company that is looking for enhancing its business or informing its employees about any latest developments. The various companies or business enterprise that can opt for the bulk SMS services can be carriers, resellers, call centres, or any telecom company etc. Generally these services are opted by any company looking to save costing on the messaging. Mostly the companies which need to be in constant touch with their customers like call centres or consulting companies which largely depend on their customer base need these bulk SMS services. However any one can utilise these services right from an individual to the big corporations. But these are mostly required by the companies which operate on large scale and need to be in constant touch with the employees, staff, field staff, sales staff etc. Also the companies like big call centres need these services mostly.

 What are advantages of Bulk SMS services over general messaging?
 The bulk SMS has many advantages over the general messaging because in general a user can’t send many SMSs at the same time to a number of users. But with help of bulk SMS users over a large area can be sent the SMSs at the same time which means a huge saving of time, money and ease of service.

Monday, October 22, 2012

A-Z Termination Services :

The wholesalers in the field of VoIP servicing provide different services to the customers depending up on their requirements. The A-Z Termination services are offered by very few wholesalers in this market. The various services include the VoIP minutes services, Bulk SMS services, wholesaling of DIDs etc. the wholesalers that offer the A-Z termination for all kinds of VoIP related services at reasonable price point are very less in the market. So customer should be aware of the general market conditions while going for any of the VoIP related services from a particular wholesaler.

The wholesaler providing the A-Z Termination services for VoIP related works also provide the routing services to the customers to route calls from one end to the other. The other types of services provided by the wholesaler include the application development for VoIP related services, social networking, location tracking through the GPS and other enterprise applications etc. There are wholesalers in the market that deal with providing A-Z services for the VoIP and other small enterprise solutions. They provide the complete solution from set-up installation to the first routed call. The A-Z termination service providers charge various rates according to the profile of the business and the time frames allotted. These services are not useful for an individual customer but are meant for the small to big enterprises looking for complete package of solution simultaneously. Generally these service providers help in setting up the initial stage of the business for hassle-free working off the business. They even take care of the e-commerce and related works for the businesses.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SMS Provider: Creating An Identity Of Various Business

The SMS providers are the service providers which allow the customers to send the bulk SMSs to different destinations. Usually these have little costs than the telecom operators which a charge huge amount of money for bulk SMS transactions. The wholesale VoIP service providers usually deal in providing the bulk SMS services to the customers like telecom companies, call centres, resellers, carriers or other small business firms. These bulk SMSs can be customized, personalized according to one’s business requirements.

SMS Providers
Since every business runs on the information and marketing especially in today’s times so it is indeed the need of the hour to have a service which can make it possible to contact or inform people about the services one offers. Also keeping in mind the costs that have to be dealt with even for sending a simple SMS to individuals, it becomes imperative to join the SMS provider which can cater to the needs of various business.
The SMS or Short Messaging Service as it is known is quite useful for various businesses. Because these days almost everyone in the market uses latest technical gadgets like palm tops, I-pads, laptops, android phones even the simple feature phones which enable the SMS provider to send bulk SMSs. Also it is quite important to send the SMS to the people at right moment which can be achieved with the help of a SMS provider.

 In whatever times your business be it is very important to make the market calculations and analysis which can be achieved by sending the bulk SMS to the consumers in the market. The bulk SMS providers usually have different plans to offer to the customers. These Bulk SMS services may vary depending up on the area, the user requirements and the time period for which the bulk SMS packs are required.

The SMS providers may offer different services like short services, long services and so on according to the user’s requirement. Not only it saves a lot of time to send or address the people at large simultaneously but it cuts a lot on the prices as well. The business firms can generate the business with the help of this and at the same time inform the staff, employees, or field staff etc. for any instant updating on the work flow.

Before going for the new SMS it should be ensured that the service provider is reliable and cost-effective so as to make more benefits out of it.